Monday, March 5, 2012

New review for the Liz Baker series.

Good reviews always make an author happy, but usually they are reviews for single books.  This time I received a review for the entire Liz Baker series, thus far.  Check out what Author Robin Renee Ray has to say about her enjoyment of Liz's life and the people around her.  :)

"I have been a Fan of the Liz Baker series and her walk from being the non-caring bar owner to being the owner of a large estate that she inherited when a dear family friend passed. When she went from a normal state of life where hanging with friends and having flings with the same long time bud with benefits was what completed her existence. Then, of course, he came in the mist of the quake that had fallen on her world, the one who walked the night and sought more than just the blood in her veins.

Liz took the life of the one who allured her into the darkness, and saved a man that later took her heart. In this book, you see where the two have traveled and how much Liz’s journey into the world of the unknown has taken them. The things she finds out are nothing compared to finding out that she herself was half vampire, child of the one who sent the night walker to allure her to the dark side in books one and two. Even her deceased mother, who came to her aid when needed, was not as shocking as what she discovers in, Killer Intentions.

I can’t just recommend this book, without saying read them all. It is a complete tale of intrigue, deceit, paranormal in both the vampire world as well as the mystical, and the pivotal growth of romance is insurmountable. Liz not only develops as a woman, but her powers in the field of magic, that she is only on the very edge of learning, is developing faster than any can explain. Christie Silvers is taking her characters on a rapid running river of excitement in every area. If I could give this series more than a 5Star, I would be the first to do it!"