Thursday, September 27, 2012

Characters: Getting to Know Chad Langford

Today we're going to learn a little bit about Chad Langford.

Chad is the resident bouncer in Liz's bar, Athena's Ambrosia. At first look, he appears sullen, sour, gruff, but in truth he's a tender soul who wants nothing more than to live a happy life.

Chad Langford was a police officer on the Tremmel Crossing police force when something awful happened. To this day it's a deeply held secret as to what that something was. All we do know is it resulted in Chad "retiring" from the force in his early 30's with a substantial amount of compensation and a lot of mental baggage to last him a lifetime. Liz hopes one day he'll feel safe enough to tell her what happened, but she doesn't push him for the information.

Thirty-five with the rock hard abs of a twenty-five year old, all the ladies love Chad, though he'd rather most of their attentions were elsewhere. His hazel eyes and close cropped hair offer an aura of roughness to his sexy exterior, without a hint of his true inner self. Chad might be a fighter, but he'd rather be a lover. He wants the "Happily Ever After," but will he ever really get it? And will that be with Liz?

Feel free to ask Chad any questions you think of and we'll see if he's up to answering.  :D

Stay tuned next week when it'll be Rick's turn at Getting to Know the Characters of Liz Baker's world.

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