Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Characters: Getting to Know Rick Curry

It's been a little while since I've done a "Getting to know..." I think the last one was about Chad.  Ahhh... Chad.  *Dreamy*

*Cough* Oh, sorry. Rick... yeah... let's get to Rick. Rick is a hottie himself, but as Liz shows him, he has nothing on Chad. We all feel bad for Rick, but he bounces back quite quickly.  Maybe a little too quickly.  Hmmm....

Rick Curry is the kind of blond hair, blue eyed cutie with a sparkly smile that can make you swoon, but you know it won't last, and one of Liz's oldest friends. They've known each other since grade school. He was a tag-along pest until be finally broke Liz's barriers down and she welcomed him into her confidence. They went through a lot as teenagers, but it wasn't until their 20's, and some terrible relationships for them both, that Liz saw Rick's boyfriend potential.

For years, Rick and Liz would play the on-again-off-again relationship game. Rick wanted more from her than she was willing to give. He finally realized that if he wanted to have any sort of relationship with Liz, he'd have to play it by her convoluted rules. At one point he even got a tattoo of Liz's zodiac sign because she'd mentioned to another woman that she liked guys with tattoos.  Yeah, that was a stupid move.

Rick is a small town factory worker. He's 100% country boy with his jeans, boots, and pickup truck. He likes small town living and can't imagine ever leaving Tremmel Crossing, Georgia. He wants to settle down with his love, in a nice house and yard, and have a brood of little ones. This is not in line with Liz's ideas of her future. And when Rick gets a little too clingy/bossy, she ends their many years of back and forth. But will it be forever?

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