Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Characters: Getting to Know Adele Brickman

Adele Brickman may only live a short time in book 1 of the Liz Baker series, but she's an integral part of Liz's life. Hell, she's the person who introduced Liz's mother to the vampire Gregory (Liz's bio-dad).

Adele had a rough childhood, but you wouldn't have known that if you didn't know her personally. Once she was old enough to get a job she was out of her parents' strict religious house. She and Liz's mom, Annalise, were the best of friends. One night when the two ladies were out on the town, Adele met the love of her life and Annalise met a demon of the night. Liz never knew any of this until after Adele's death at the hands of a murderous vampire, and Adele's massive fortune was willed to Liz.

Adele loved Liz like a daughter, but after Annalise's passing Adele turned her world toward the bottle. She had lost her husband and her best friend; her parents long since buried. She had no one left so she spent all her lucid hours sitting at the counter of Liz's bar.

Adele had a hard life, but that didn't prevent her from making sure Liz was well taken care of long after her death. Adele had more secrets than Liz knows: demons, fortunes, witchcraft, gypsies, and many more. Will Liz ever discover everything about Adele? And if so, will she be able to survive knowing everything Adele went through to secure a future for Liz and her sister?

We honor Adele Brickman.
Daughter. Wife. Best Friend. Loving "Aunt". Wealthy Benefactor.