Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Fun Times at Book 'Em

Left to Right: P.M. Terrell, Christie Silvers,
Pamela J. Kimmell, Judy Walter
It's been over a week since I attended the Book 'Em NC 2013 conference and book fair, so I suppose it's time to finally write a blog entry about it. LOL. Can you tell I'm slacking on my blog lately? Oops!

Anyway, the trip from Georgia to North Carolina was fairly uneventful (thankfully). Especially considering how nasty the drive up was last year. Those darn rain storms can cause all sorts of havoc. Luckily, we left a little later this year and managed to arrive at the hotel on time for check-in instead of early like last year. No waiting around for our room to be cleaned this time. :)
We arrived in Lumberton, NC with a few hours to rest before having to head out to the Author Meet-n-Greet at The Village Station. I talked it up with a few new people and many that I knew from last year. I especially enjoyed talking to P.M. Terrell, Pamela J. Kimmell, and Bonnie Watson. All these ladies are wonderful people and authors. Not to mention Trish (P.M.) was our hostess and event coordinator (how she does it all, I'll never know!).

The next morning we were up early and went straight to Robeson Community College where Book 'Em is held. This year I shared a table at the event with Karen McCullough. We hadn't met last year, but after almost 7 hours together that day we certainly got to know each other. :) I had fun talking to her about our books, publishing, candies, and giveaway goodies.

Anyone who has seen me at an event like this knows that I'm a major candy pusher. This year was no different. Last year it was cinnamon disks; this year it was Dove milk chocolates. Talk about a great way to get people to your table! I begged, pleaded, guilted, and pretty much threw chocolate at everyone who walked by. And Karen has peppermint, so we were commenting on how well chocolate and peppermint goes together. LOL! It was a fun time. I ended up giving away almost three bags of chocolates, and still had one bag that I HAD to bring back home. Not that I'm complaining about my chocolate stash, or anything. ;)

The best part of the day happened about an hour before the event was over........


Well, technically, I sold out of all my copies of Time for Death (Liz Baker, book 1). But hey, that's still a thrilling moment for me. I got listed in the Book 'Em newsletter as one of the four authors who sold out this year. And next year... I'll be seated on the Bestsellers Hall!  Woohoo!!

Here are a few more pictures from Book 'Em NC 2013. I look forward to this even in 2014!

Left: Karen McCullough & Christie Silvers
Right: Tim & Christie Silvers