Friday, November 21, 2014

Release Day Rafflecopter

Finally! It's finally here! I can't believe we've made it to this day. After so many issues (*cough* Amazon Pre-Orders *cough*), postponements, distractions, and roadblocks against me, the book is finished and today's the day it enters the world. Whew!

First off, I want to thank all of you for visiting today and I hope those who purchased (or will purchase) my books enjoy this newest installment of Liz Baker's life. Second... woohoo!!

As I always do on release day, it's time for a giveaway. The Rafflecopter will run from today to the end of the month. Winners will be chosen on December 1st via

This time we're going for few goodies, but I threw in the $50 Amazon gift card. You can buy a lot of books with that amount! And just in time for the holidays, too. :D Since all the goodies are email delivered items, and I don't have to worry about postage, this giveaway is open to all residents of Planet Earth. So make sure you use a valid email address just in case your name is chosen.

(1) $50 Amazon Gift Card
(2) $5 Amazon Gift Card
(3) eBook Copies of To Kill a Demon (or any one Liz Baker book)

Okay, let's get to the giveaway. There is one entry that asks you to leave a blog comment. The question to answer is: What are you most looking forward to this holiday season?

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