Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Ticked Off Tuesday

Soooooo, most of you know that the release day for To Kill a Demon is scheduled for this Friday. I'm still planning all the good stuff and hoping everything falls into place, however, I have a feeling Amazon is going to screw that up.

For over a week I've been going back and forth with Amazon about an error in the pre-order upload process. When you schedule a pre-order you have to upload a placeholder file, usually a rough draft of the book. Closer to the date of release you're required to upload the final product. I've been stuck in that spot for over a week now. There are no editing links for another upload. ACK!

I've been emailing Amazon over and over, with this morning being the most current sending. I get a response each time, but nothing substantial telling me the problem is fixed. All the while, Amazon's automated system is sending me notifications like "Your file is past due," and "Your ability to use pre-order has been suspended." Even though the Amazon techs are telling me my ability to do pre-orders will most definitely be reinstated. And this morning I got, "Your pre-order book has been canceled."


My release day is Friday, but it looks like this may take longer for Amazon. Today I'm working on all the other places, getting things in order, and making sure all is as right as I can get it (nothing goes perfectly, ever).

Here are a few of the Amazon responses I've received:

"I want to inform you that this is an ongoing issue with many other book in KDP and our technical team is aware of this situation. They are working hard to fix it as soon as possible." 
"I can see that my colleague Goutham is working to solve your issue as soon as possible, I'll transfer your request of an update on this matter to him and he will contact you as soon as possible with the necessary information on this matter." 
"We are sorry that your pre-order book 'To Kill a Demon' is still stuck in publishing stage and the release date is fast approaching. I've been checking regularly with our engineers on their progress with resolving the issue. It appears the issue is more complex than expected and they're still working hard to resolve this for you."

I don't know what to say, Amazon. I'm disappointed. To all of my lovely readers: I'm so sorry. I know you've waited FOREVER for this book and this is just another delay. UGH!

If someone who pre-ordered doesn't mind, could you let me know if Amazon actually did email you saying my book was canceled? And if you do get a copy on release day, please beware that it is NOT the final manuscript. Even more UGH. I'm truly disgusted with this situation right now.