Tuesday, March 21, 2017

2017 Book Schedule

As most of you know, my newest book released back on March 7th. So far, Devastating Sorrow has received a warm welcome and I envision a lot of excitement in Penny Montague's future as more books in her series come to me. She will still fight to control her grief from losing her son, but also fight for those around her. There's a lot to come for her, but before all that, I thought I'd share with all of you my plans for the rest of 2017.

Before this release, my last book came out at the end of 2014. *Gasp* Before then, I was release 2-3 books a year. Throw in short stories and articles, and I was a busy bee. Unfortunately, circumstances beyond my control dictated that I work less on my books and more on family relations (my mother's cancer & passing). I'll never regret that, but it did take me away from the work I love.

Therefore, I'm planning to make 2017 my best publishing year yet! Not only did you get Devastating Sorrow, but I'm planning two more books and a short story this year. Woohoo!!

Keep in mind, the actual dates of releases will be posted closer to time, but for now here is the tentative scheduling.....

Sorrow Meets Death
Liz Baker/Penny Montague Crossover Short Story:  
June 2017

Liz Baker Series, Book #7:  
August 2017

Penny Montague Series, Book #2: 
December 2017