Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Back on Schedule

It has finally happened! I'm now on a regular schedule with the new part time job AND my writing. Woohoo! I knew it would get there eventually and now it has. I don't have as many hours in the day for writing now, but I do have a good 2 hours each day after work to plug away. That has made all the difference in the story I'm currently working on. Granted, I'm used to writing for 6 hours a day and getting anywhere from 3,000-6,000 words a day. Now I'm garnering for at least 500-1,000 a day. However, I'll still get to where I'm going, just a little slower. I'm still optimistic about my tentative release dates, also! We'll just have to get there when we get there. :)

As for my new job: I'm really enjoying the shop where I work. It's a health foods/herbal shop that also has a chiropractor, several massage therapist, a hypnotist, counselor, and several other services. It's a lot of fun and the people are just wonderful. I even got my very first EVER chiropractic adjustment today. It was quite the experience. The popping and sudden jerks are a bit disconcerting, and slightly uncomfortable, but the body was definitely feeling relief afterward.

Overall, I just wanted to keep everyone in the loop and assure you all that, yes, I most definitely am still working away on Sorrow Meets Death. The crossover short story with Liz and Penny is coming along nicely, though slower than planned. I still feel confident that it'll be ready for a June release. Just make sure you're all caught up with Liz (six books) and Penny (one book) before jumping into this upcoming freebie. ;)

Oh, and before I forget, I'm working on the May newsletter, so if you aren't already subscribed jump over to the website and do so. Everyone who opens each newsletter is eligible for the drawing in the next newsletter for an Amazon gift card.