Monday, June 11, 2007

How many chapters are you going to write?

That is the question that my husband asked me today. I was working on chapter 5 of my book and my husband asks me "How many chapters are you going to write?". How do you answer that? I simply said, "As many as it takes to finish my story. That could be 20 or it could be 50. I just don't know." His next statement was, "Oh goodness! That's going to be a big book!". Then I had to explain that the size of a book doesn't depend on the number of chapters. It's how long those chapters are that makes the difference. LOL!! He's killing me slowly, I do believe.

So how do you explain to someone who has never written anything more than a note saying, "I'm going to the store. Be back later. Love, Tim"? Am I the only writer who doesn't go into a storyline knowing how many chapters it will end up? Surely I'm not. I'll end up with however many chapters it takes to feel like my book is completed and I've taken the characters as far as I want to take them.

Hopefully, eventually, he will realize that this isn't as easy as I make it look. Heaven knows I love him though. :-)