Wednesday, August 1, 2007

It's done!!

Yes, you read that correctly. My first draft (a very rough one) of the whole book is now completed!! I am very excited with it. Now I'll have to pull out my red ink pen and get to work with editing, rewriting and revisions. It has taken me just under 3 months to go from an idea to here. I expect it to take nearly that long to complete my editing process. So, hopefully, I'll be finished COMPLETELY by Halloween. *fingers crossed*

The next time that I update about this book it will be to tell you that I am finished with MY editing. Then we'll see if my editor whats more revisions done.

Ok, it's after 1 am again. Luckily this should be my last late night for a while. School starts next week so I need my rest. It has been a fun and exciting summer and I hope to continue that right into the fall. It should be a very interesting winter if things go the way I hope they will.

Good night everyone! May you all have sweet dreams.

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