Saturday, December 29, 2007

365 days?

I am shocked and amazed that there is a "contest" of sorts about to launch that is asking people to blog for 365 days straight. I was invited to join in on the blogging fun, and while I love my blog here and I do blog pretty frequently, I had to refuse. I just can not promise to have time to blog every single day for the next year.

I write every single day, but some days I just don't have anything of interest to post for the whole world to see. Does anyone really care that I took down my Christmas tree on Dec 26th because I was tired of it taking up so much space? Or that my youngest daughter ran around in nothing but her pajamas all day today? Or better yet, that my dog is currently asleep against the fireplace rocks? Anyone? Seriously? Nooo!

So, I think that I will just stick with my attempts to blog a few times a week. I will, after all, be spending at least a week on the beach during the month of July and that alone would knock me out of those 365 consecutive days. LOL!

Have a happy Saturday night. I'm about to curl up with the hubby and watch a DVD and tomorrow I'll be hosting my oldest daughter's 11th birthday party.

Have a good night everyone!