Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Back to work...

Well, it's the 2nd day of January and that means that it's time to get back to work for many people all across the country. My poor husband had to go back to work at 4:30am this morning, after not going to bed until 12:20 last night because he was watching a football game. I better not hear one smidgen of whining when he gets home because he's tired. He'll receive absolutely no sympathy from me. LOL!

I had to get back to work today, also. I sent out my January newsletter this morning and I cleaned the house more than it had been cleaned in the last few weeks. I'm still working on edits for the new book and looking for just the right ending... I am getting close to that ending though.

The next two books are just screaming for me to start writing them, but I just can't until I'm finished with A Birth at Dawn -- that's just how I am. I HAVE to finish one project before I start on another one (or two), but that doesn't stop the urge for more from creeping into my thoughts late at night. Once a story wants to be written there just isn't much you can do to deny its existance. It requires your time, attention, and nourishment until you've given your all, and then it's sitting in front of you asking to be edited while the next book is in the back of you rmind screaming to be released. Then the neverending cycle begins again.

I love my books and I love that the ideas come so easily right now, but it sure would be nice if I could come up with some article ideas these days. I haven't written one article since October. Yes, I spent the month of November writing a book and then I took December off to just BE, but it's January now and still the only thing on my mind is family and all the things I NEED to be doing. LOL. Oh well, maybe next month!

Well, when I logged into my Blogger account, I didn't know what this entry would be about. Seems like it took on a life of its own and now I sit here with a completed blog post for today. YAY! Now I'm off to get a little housework done, wait on the hubby to come home from work, and then deal with dinner. Luckily the older two girls went to spend the night with my mom and the baby will go to bed at 7pm. Should make for a quiet evening once the hubby falls asleep on the couch from exhaustion. LOL!

I hope that everyone is staying warm and didn't have to work too hard today. Have a nice Hump Day!

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