Sunday, June 29, 2008

A Great Writing Groove

When you're in a great writing groove the world around you just melts away. The husband disappears, the kids fade into the background (until someone comes tapping on your shoulder), and the ringing phone is a mere annoyance, like a buzzing fly.

When you're in a great writing groove, the words flow from your fingertips faster than you can remember punching them out on the keyboard. You write word after word, sentence and sentence, paragraph after paragraph, before you realize that you've written another 1,000 words. When you finally stop to take a breath from the frantic tapping and read back on what appeared on the screen, you are absolutely amazed that you wrote it. Did that really come from me? Is a question I often hear in my own head (and sometimes out loud) during these good writing grooves.

Your words may not be perfect, your structure may be poor, and your work may be covered with misspellings, but during a great writing groove nothing matters more than pouring the words from your mind. You can always go back to edit, but at this moment you are filled with euphoria over the fact that you just had one of the most exhilarating moments in your writing life.

Then, of course, the kids start screaming, the music in your head stops playing, the ringing phone catches your attention, and the husband starts asking what's for dinner. You've just enjoyed a fabulous moment and now it's time to join the world around you once again. Until next time anyway!

I hope that everyone is having a lovely day and that all the writers out there will experience their very own writing groove very soon! It doesn't happen every day (or even every week), but when it does you will definitely know what it is.

I love my great writing grooves!!