Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Rambling for tonight.

Well, it's Tuesday night here. It'll be Wednesday in about 45 minutes. Only a few more days until I leave. It can't get here soon enough!

I've been rushing around the past two days getting things in order, getting writing jobs sent out, scheduling some things, packing, and making sure the dog will be taken care of while we're gone. Everything appears to be in order. But is it really? I'm sure something will pop up between now and Saturday morning that I'll have to frantically correct just in the nick of time. It always happens.

I'm so stressed out at this moment just preparing for vacation. Hell, I'll be glad when we get down to the island so I can relax! Even the hubby needs to elax and all he's doing is his normal, everyday job. No packing mess for him. He'll feel better once we can smell the fresh ocean breeze.

I enjoy the evenings on the beach the most. It's not too hot, the sun isn't glaring at you, the crowds have left, and we go for a long walk on the beach in our bare feet. The girls frolick in and out of the waves while their giggles of delight ring in our ears. They search for seashells (like we need more) and we discover some little sea creature that has been abandoned in a small pool of water in the sand. Last year we had to watch our toes for small blue crabs running all over the beach. The girls would scream and squeal as the crabs would dart for the coming waves.

Just the thoughts make me feel better... or maybe that's the Tylenol PM I took 30 minutes ago. LOL!

So, on a side note, if you drink a Coke and down two Tylenol PMs,will they counteract each other? Well, I can tell you NO. The Tylenol PM will win out in about 30 mins. Your typing fingers slow down as your mind becomes a little hazy. You might spill the Coke down your chin. But, the Tylenol PM seems to win out everytime. At least my headache is easing up. LOL!

Now I'm off to let the Tylenol kick in even better before I pass out in bed next to the already snoring husband.