Saturday, June 28, 2008

Today is much better than yesterday.

Yesterday was a rough day, but thankfully the girls went to the in-laws' house for a while. The hubby & I got to go out for dinner all alone and then we got groceries without kids begging for crap. We went back to pick up the youngest and the older two spent the night with their grandparents.

Once home it was late enough for the youngest to go to bed and then there was nothing but peace and quiet the rest of the night. Too bad I couldn't sleep. After sleeping so well the night before (my drug induced coma), I slept pretty bad last night. I laid there for 2 hours and then when I finally got to sleep the youngest woke me up with wet bed. BLAH!

Ah well, shit happens I suppose.

Today the girls are outside playing in the pool. Maybe they will be tired when they come back inside. The youngest has already decided she's tired and is now watching cartoons in my bed. LOL!

Tim changed the oil in the van and put a new belt on it. So he says the van is now "officially" ready for our 6hr drive next Saturday. LOL! I can't wait! Only 7 more days. Woohoo!

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