Friday, June 27, 2008

It's finally Friday!

Gosh, this week just drug by sooooo slowly. I didn't think Friday would ever get here. Sheesh!

We have 8 days until we leave for vacation and everyone is getting so excited. We leave out on July 5th and return on the 12th. We'll be sunning it up on the beach of Tybee Island, GA. I can't wait. I need a break soooo badly. Apparently the kids do too because they are at each others' throats constantly this week.

I usuall run around to do my weekly errands on Fridays, but the kids were being soooo bad this morning that I refused to ake them to town with me. I went to my grandmother's to pick up some plants she had set out for me and then we went to the library. That's it. I brought them right back home and will not be going to town to get groceries, and such, until their daddy comes home from work. They gave me such a migraine yesterday with their bullshit that I'm just flat out refusing to do it today.

Last night I took some Tylenol PM and passed out by 11:30pm. I'm usually up until 1am when there's no school to get up early for. But with that migraine I needed extra sleep. I was literally drugged out by 11:30. I was walking sideways and wondered if that's what a drunk felt like (since I've never been more than tipsy before). LOL! But boy didI sleep good last night. I didn't even wake up when Tim left for work at 5am.

Then, of course, I was awakened by screams, squeals, and arguments at 7:30am. UGH! Hmmm, maybe I should look for a damn bootcamp or something. LOL!

Anyway, that's my Friday, thus far. I hope Tim gets off work early and one of the grandparents decides they'd like to be tormented by these children tonight. LOL

I hope you're having a better day!! Happy Friday!