Friday, June 20, 2008

Werewolves, they can live a normal life, too!

Since I recently wrote an entry about my love of vampires, I thought it only fair to my beloved Fiona that I write on the topic of werewolves, as well.

While vampires are consider night creatures, and they aren't "suppose" to be out in the sunlight, werewolves can do whatever they like. They can live a normal day-to-day "human" life out in the real world. They can be bankers, bartenders, school teachers (don't eat my kids please, lol), or just about anything else they wanted to be. All they'd have to worry about is that full moon once a month.

There are many types of werewolves in the books and movies around the world. You have the ones who have human form until the full moon and then they turn into a simple, natural, shiny-coated wolf. You have the ones in human form and then turn into a grotesque, giant, snarling, drooling wolf-monster that is ten feet tall. Then you have the ones that are the same size as a human, but are covered in wolf hair with fangs and freaky yellow eyes (I consider this the Wolf-man).

In my books, my werewolves are the first kind--human form turning into a natural wolf. My werewolves can live a normal life in the real world. Then when the full moon rolls around they go out into the wild and do their "thing". Fiona was a normal person. She has her own troubles like anyone else--controlling family, guy troubles (including finding her ex in bed with HIS boyfriend), and pressures to marry. You could be standing next to her while in line at the bank.

I've been asked why I chose the combination of vampire and werewolf. Well, basically because I hadn't seen it done before. Usually it's vampire/human, vampire/vampire, werewolf/human, and werewolf/werewolf. Never before had I come across the combination of vampire and werewolf. It intrigued me, so I decided to explore the possibilities.

Of course my werewolf was ultimately turned into a new type of vampire, and her werewolf blood completely changed her vampire lover's life forever. That's what makes the story different. She isn't simply turned into just another vampire. Because of her werewolf physiology, things don't quite go the way they're planned with her change. Not to mention the pregnancy!

Fiona, even after her vampirism, is able to live a human-like life. In book 2, A Birth at Dawn, you find her out shopping for a wedding dress with her best friend. How much more "normal" can you get?

So, YES, in my characters' fictional world, a werewolf can live a normal life, too! She can have a human best friend, a vampire lover, a strange baby on the way, and have a doctor who is THE physician for the area's whole vampire community.

I love what I do! I love my characters! I love the stories that they tell. And I enjoy spending my time in their realities. Stop by and check out A Midnight Infatuation! You may just find a new set of vampire/werewolf rules that you never knew existed. :-)