Thursday, July 3, 2008

Thursday Thirteen #26

Howdy ya'll! Yes, that's the Georgia girl in me coming out for a peek. LOL! Sorry, let me shove her back into the corner where she belongs. Whew! There!

Well, I only have tomorrow left and then we will head out to Tybee Island on Saturday morning. The girls are beside themselves with excitement. All the packing is done (except for the things we still need) and I'll buy our groceries for the week tomorrow. Then, everything will be shoved into the back of my minivan and off we'll go at 8am Saturday morning.

Of course, just because I'll be on vacation doesn't mean I'll be without internet. Oh hell no! I'll be hitting the wi-fi as soon as we get there. Even if I wasn't an internet junkie I'd be bombarded with so many emails if I didn't check them for a whole week. I receive hundreds of emails a DAY, so imagine seven days! It would be a disaster. Luckily, the condo has wi-fi and there are many other places all around Tybee & Savannah that have free wi-fi. So I'll be good to go.

Well, I guess I better stop the rambling and get to today's Thursday Thirteen. :-) Enjoy!

Thirteen Television Shows I Enjoy!

1. Ghost Whisperer
2. Burn Notice
3. Dr. Who (the new ones)
4. Battlestar Galactica (the new ones)
5. Moonlight (sniff, sniff, it's cancelled)
6. Graham Norton on BBC America (he's hilarious!)
7. Weeds
8. Smallville
9. Supernatural
10. Prison Break
11. Torchwood
12. Reaper
13. Bones

I like a lot of other shows, but these are some of my main ones.


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