Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Good morning!

Even though today is Tuesday, it's the start of a new week for me. The big girls went back to school today and the house is as it should be.

My youngest ended up with a strange fever right after lunchtime yesterday. She was sick the rest of the day. This morning, the fever's gone. I have no idea what that was all about, but I'm glad it's done now.

Yesterday morning I had to go out and buy a new printer. My 5 yr old $30 HP printer went kaput last week. It was giving me errors left and right and wouldn't print anything... it wouldn't even attempt to print. So, I had to break down and buy a new one.

I've been wanting an all-in-one printer/scanner/copier, so I took this opportunity to get one. I ended up with a very nice HP one (since the last one lasted 5yrs, I might as well go with a HP again, lol). It was very easy to set up, though the software install too freakin' forever. It prints beautifully and scans just as well. I was set up and ready for printing in about 20 mins... for the desktop computer that it was hooked to anyway.

I took me the rest of the day to get it to work with my network so that my laptop could use it too! UGH! Ridiculous! It was literally half an hour from the start of dinner when I finally got it to work properly. I've never had such problems with something as simple as a printer. Craziness I tell ya!

Anyway, it's all done now and I'm back in business. I had so many receipts sitting in my email program that needed to be printed out for filing. Now those are cleared out and I'm happy again.

Okay, I better get to work. I have more character development and story outline work to tend to before I start my next book soon. I'll be doing NaNoWriMo again this year, so the actual book writing will have to wait until November 1st. Until then, I'll just spend as much time as possible getting to know my leading character. She's quite the sassy one already!

Have a great day!