Thursday, January 8, 2009

I'm a Dragon

So I was over on enjoying all of the yummy horoscope stuff that I like to read. My birthday is coming up in only 9 days, so I like to check up on my tarot card readings from time to time.

My Chinese sign is The Dragon & here's what it says about us Dragons (and I must say that it suits me to a tee)....


The Dragon believes she is the ruler of the world. Self confident, very intelligent and talented -- most everything a Dragon attempts turns out great. Even when Dragons fail, they are rarely blamed, as their inspiration and enthusiasm evoke love and admiration. A Dragon's view of other people is not always the best, however. The Dragon can lack patience and be intolerant of the opinions of others if they don't agree with hers.

Dragons have a will and mind of their own. They can be eccentric, but are always passionate and stand true to their own beliefs. They have strong personalities, driven by their love for inspiring others and for creating positive changes for humanity. Dragons focus on fulfilling their dreams in harmony, receiving recognition for their contributions and wealth for their whole life. The Dragon is the bringer of good luck -- having a Dragon as a friend will create great luck for you.

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  1. Very interesting! My Chinese sign is the Pig and it's pretty straight on, too.

    Thanks for sharing! :)