Monday, January 12, 2009

It's almost over...

Good morning. It's another brand new week, filled with opportunities for brand new experiences. I hope it's a great week!

There are only 2 days left for the voting on Preditors & Editors. The last time I checked I was in 3rd place in the author's poll and the cover of A Twilight Abduction was tied for 14th. Ack! Come on my dear readers, go vote if you haven't already. Time is running out. :-)

Here's the entry I posted about this last week....

I've been nominated on the Preditors & Editors Readers Poll again this year. Last year I finished 7th, so lets see if we can do better than that this year!Just click on the link and scroll down to my name. Click the circle beside my name, then go to the bottom to fill in your information and vote. Be sure to use a legit email addy as they'll send a confirmation email to make sure the vote counts.
(Apparently, A Twilight Abduction has been nominated twice on this page. However, I'd suggest only voting for the one that is written correctly with capital letters since that one was there first and would have the most votes.)

Thanks so much everyone!

This weekend was filled with trials for my household. On Friday the baby ended up suddenly sick with a fever. She was sick all weekend. Sunday we had an early family birthday party for her. Luckily the fever left her alone for that, though she still wasn't feeling well. Poor baby.

Then Saturday Tim worked on the van all day. He had to change the belt and the tensioner. Took him several hours and lots of stomping back and forth between his tool box and the van. LOL! He did eventually complete his task and now the van is running better than expected for a vehicle with over 180K miles on it. LOL!

I'm so glad that it's Monday. I was definitely ready to start fresh again. This morning I had all my chores done before 8:30am and am just about to start my writing for today. Here's hoping that my phone doesn't start that ringing mess like last week. It never stopped last week. Every time I'd get into a good writing groove it would ring and jar me out of my thoughts. Blah!

Okay, I'm off to work. Please go vote if you haven't already. I'd greatly appreciate it. :-)