Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Today's the last day...

I hate to beat a dead horse here, but if you haven't already voted in the Preditors & Editors Reader's Poll I would greatly appreciate you doing so. Today is the last day! A huge thank you to everyone who has voted for me and/or the cover of A Twilight Abduction. I am forever grateful. :-)

It has been screamingly cold here in Georgia this week. I think they said it would be like 10 degrees in the morning. Eek! That's just too darn cold for me. I wish I could stay curled up in my warm bed with the covers pulled up to my chin all day tomorrow. Brrrr!

I'd much rather be sitting on a warm beach listening to the waves and happy children splashing around.

Tomorrow is my baby girls 4th birthday. We had her family prty this past Sunday so she's not quite understanding how tomorrow is her birthday too. LOL. Then this coming weekend we are going to take the kids to Chuck E Cheese to celebrate her birthday as well. She loves that place, but the closest one to us is in Chattanooga,TN. So we don't go often. She's very excited.

Speaking of birthdays, mine is Saturday the 17th. Who's sending me a gift?? Hmmm? I like Amazon gift cards if anyone's wondering! LOL!

I haven't decided what I'll be doing to celebrate my 32nd year of life. I was considering an hour massage. I've never had a professional massage before, and the thought of not having to hear that their hands ache after ten minutes is VERY appealing. LOL.

Then I decided that no matter what else I do, Tim and I are going to see the new Underworld movie on the 23rd. I already have Nana set up to take the girls that night too. Yay me!

Who knows what'll happen. Either way, I know I'm another year older and not happy about it. However, I've noticed that with each passing year my life gets more fun, exciting, and enjoyable. Maybe I'll be in ecstasy when I'm 40!! LMAO!

Okay, I'm off to clean a dog crate, and being thrown back into reality after working with Liz battling a vampire all day. Yes, Time For Death is coming along. Though I'm making changes every time I work on it. Maybe it'll be done before Spring arrives.

Have a great Hump Day!