Thursday, February 19, 2009

Gosh, it's been a crazy week.

This has been one interesting week, if I do say so myself.

My blog stalker hasn't had the nerve to contact me, though I've had other people email me who thought they were the stalker I was referring to. LOL! Very interesting indeed! The hubby and I got a kick out of that one. I'm not worried about it though. When you have a prominent internet presence stalkers are to be expected. This isn't my first and I'm sure they won't be the last. They are however the first one from my past.

The kids were home all week for "Mid-Winter Break". Luckily, they haven't been as rowdy as they usually are when they have a week at home together. They've been very good girls this week. Of course now that I've said that the weekend will go to hell in a handbasket. LOL!

This was the week for my book royalties to be paid. When my payment arrived, I happily discovered that even with the slow economy, my books sales are rising substantially. Thank you to all who have spent their hard-earned dollars on my works. My daughter's orthodontist also thanks you! LOL!

Today marked #5,000 in pageviews on my beloved blog here. That was very cool to see. Usually I miss things like that... especially when it comes to the odometer in my van rolling over. LOL!

I've spent the morning cleaning house, spending time with the kids, I watched a movie with my oldest, texted with the hubby, and then made a big pot of homemade chicken noodle soup that the kids will eat off of for days. It's been a productive day family-wise. Tim wants me to pick up some BBQ for dinner this evening, so I'll go out for that right before he gets home. Then, he's home for three days! Yay!

I'm pretty sure that my mom is taking the girls Friday night, so maybe Tim and I will go out for some fun. Then again, we may just stay home and enjoy the quiet. Who knows?

Okay, I'm out for today. Tomorrow is my busy errand day, so I doubt I'll be posting then. Have a fabulous weekend everyone!!