Thursday, February 19, 2009

Thank You Thursday

Last week's Thursday entry was my "To Hell With..." post. This week I'm going in another direction with my "Thank You" entry. Today's list is a compilation of things I'd like to thank the universe for. :-)

  1. Thank you for my wonderful husband.
  2. Thank you for my beautiful daughters (even though it took so long to conceive #1 & #3).
  3. Thank you for fat free fudgsicles. Mmmm...
  4. Thank you for the support of friends and family.
  5. Thank you for sunny, warm, Spring days. I'd like to enjoy some very soon, please.
  6. Thank you for sex! Without it I'd be bored, and have nothing to write about.
  7. Thank you for my wonderful characters who won't stop pestering me until I get their stories on paper as quickly as life will allow me to.
  8. Thank you for love. It's such a key component in living life to the fullest. If you aren't loved, and loving someone else, then you can't truly know what life is all about.
  9. Thank you for unlimited text messaging. LOL! It gives Tim & I the opportunity to talk all throughout the day.
  10. Finally, thank you for gracing me with a life that I love, people that I cherish and cherish me, and enough sense to realize just how happy I really am. :-)

What are you thankful for this week?