Friday, February 13, 2009

Roses are red

Today was a normal Friday around here. Tim's off on Fridays so I got to wake up next to him, even though it was still to the sound of our hated alarm clock. Better than waking up alone because he's already left for work.

We took the big girls to school and then went off to buy groceries for next week. Tim bought me roses for Valentine's Day while we were out. He always buys me roses, and I love it. I had to run by the bank and then back home we came. We had breakfast and lunch together before I had to go pick the big girls up from school.

Tim played his Xbox and texted with me while I waited around at school for the kids. The youngest wanted to stay home with her daddy while I was at school, so he played with her too. She's definitely a daddy's girl. Of course, they're all daddy's girls, but the older two have more in their lives than daddy. LOL!

I brought the kids home and then sent all three outside to play since it's warm enough here in Georgia. Once the girls' fun started outside, Tim & I locked the bedroom door and had some fun inside. ;-)

We were hoping that the girls would be going to the in-laws' house tonight, but MIL is sick, so that's a no go. Oh well, we still manage to find moments alone. Then when bedtime comes it's game on! LOL!

I'm making homemade pizza for us tonight. Tim loves my pizza better than any restaurant... or though he says. LOL.

So see? Even I have some fairly normal days around here. You probably can't tell from all the craziness that usually ensues for me. We're always doing something, but on occasion we do get a peaceful day. Today was one of those easy days. Hopefully the next two days will be just as peaceful. We don't have any plans, nothing that NEEDS to be done right now, no appointments, nothing planned except spending time home.

I hope you all have a peaceful weekend. Enjoy Valentine's Day with the one you love!!