Monday, February 9, 2009

We had a great time...

Happy Monday everyone. I hope that you're having a good one.

I had quite the last four days. The hubby and I had a wonderful 4 day weekend together and the bed & breakfast was lovely and peaceful. It's crazy how quiet the day can be without three little girls screaming and hollering all the time. I'd forgotten how fun a grown-up conversation could be when you aren't being interrupted all the time. LOL!

We stayed at a nice bed & breakfast, had dinner in a super nice resturant, and even visited a winery. We discovered a new wine that we both liked and drank half the bottle in the room while trying out the jacuzzi tub. LOL! It was sooooo nice.

Oh, and thank you to everyone who did not call us. We appreciate it! :-) Neither of our phones rang once while we were gone and it was NICE.

So my honey and I had a great time spending four days together. Turns out we'll have four day weekends more often starting next month. His work is cutting from four 10 hour days down to three 10 hour days a week. Sucks that work is slow, but I won't mind the extra time together. The income loss will suck too, but we'll be fine.

That's it from me for today. In a little while I'll be cooking Tim's new favorite dinner (my yummy baked salmon with steamed green beans and homemade dinner rolls) while waiting on him to come. The girls are currently outside screaming like banshees. And I'm currently taking a break from a long day and listening to some music. Tim will be calling me soon so I can entertain him during his drive home from work. It's never a dull moment around the Silvers Household! LOL!

Have a great evening everyone!



  1. So glad you enjoyed yourselves! Good for you! Love the sweet pic of you & hubby!

    Have a Great Evening, Christie!

  2. Thanks Stephanie! I love that pic too. He's my sweetie, that's for sure. :-)

  3. I am also glad you finally got some adult time for yourselves, that can be so refreshing for a relationship...