Saturday, February 28, 2009

You learn something new every day.

People say that all the time, and some days it's true. Yesterday just happened to be one of those days for the hubby and I. Unfortunately, it was a nerve-wrecking experience.

Yesterday was Friday, which is my normal weekly errand day. I always go to the bank, buy groceries, do errands that I've saved for the end of the week, etc. Well, Tim and I bought groceries early yesterday morning--right after we dropped the big girls off at school--and then headed to the bank to make a deposit. I always do this at the drive-up ATM because it's faster.

Wellllll, I made the deposit and Tim & I were chit-chatting. I grabbed the receipt from the machine and we continued on our way. We got all the way back to our town and was going to buy breakfast before heading home. That's when I realized that I didn't have my bank card. ACK!!!

We immediately turned around and headed back to the next town over and straight to the bank. I was in a panic all the way back over there because the only place I could have left it was IN the ATM! Add to that the enormous downpour of rain all during the entire drive back to the bank. I was frantic.

We went inside the bank and I spotted a girl that I went to school with. I've chatted with her at the bank several times over the years so she was welcoming. I told her what had happened and how I felt like a dumbass. LOL! She told me not to worry about it because she hears the exact same thing like 10 times a day! OMG!

Turns out that after about 30 seconds the ATM will actually suck the card in and destroy it. Wow, I never knew that! So she issued me a temporary card, cancelled the lost one, and I'll be receiving another card in the mail in 7-10 days. Whew!

Both she and I even checked the account to make sure all was still well. Everything was fine and I felt extremely lucky.

Tim soothed my ego a lot yesterday. "It could have happened to anyone." "We were talking and you were distracted." "It's okay. Nothing happened that wasn't fixed." Gosh, I love that man. He definitely knows how to make me feel better. LOL!

All's well that ends well, I suppose.

We went on to have a fairly uneventful day after that. We went out fr a quiet lunch together, did some shopping, and then picked the girls up early from school and went home. The girls went on to spend the night with the in-laws, while Tim and I enjoyed a peaceful night at home alone. Whew!

Today has been an easy day. We've been home playing Fable II together. We bought it yesterday and are having fun with it. Of course Tim has played more than I have since I'm the mom and still have a lot to do around here.... even on the weekend. LOL!

Now I'm off to finish our homemade pizza for dinner and start preparing the 4yr old for bedtime in a couple of hours. We'll see how tomorrow turns out...