Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Having a frustrated morning.

Well, it's another gorgeous day here in north Georgia. I'm totally loving this weather. We actually slept with the windows open in the house last night. That was nice! I woke up in a great mood. Then the day got better when my friend Lisa texted to tell me that her baby boy had been born a few hours earlier. Congratulations Lisa!!!

So why am I frustrated, you ask?

I'm frustrated with doctors!! Yep, doctors! Last Friday when I had to take Tim to the doctor we had the worst appointment ever. It was a practice we'd never been to (as we're in search of a good family practice right now) and I can assure you that we'll never go back there again. UGH!

Anyway, Tim and I have been discussing fertility. Or more precise, us not wanting more children. I've always had a rule that if I'm the person giving up my body to bring our children into the world, then he'll be the one to put a stop to it when the time comes. So now the time has come. He says he's as ready as he'll ever be, so let's get it done.

I went through our insurance company's website to see who was in-network and local. We narrowed it down to a practice in the next town over. I called this morning to get the ball rolling and found out that they want the entire price ($1,230) up front! ACK!

Now keep in mind that our insurance will pay 100% of this procedure AND this practice is in-network. Yet they make you pay it all up front and then we have to file it with the insurance. Stupid, stupid, stupid.

When I questioned her on the sanity of that, the little girl on the phone says she can transfer me to the billing department so they could clarify the details. I told her there was no point in doing that as I don't simply have $1200 laying around to hand them. LOL!

So now I'm back to searching for another doctor, only further away. Ugh! I hate doctor hunting, and we were really wanting to use one close, but I guess that won't be happening.

Off I go to bitch to Tim and find someone else to call about this.

Hope you're havng a better morning!


UPDATE: Yay!! I found him a doctor! Woohoo! It's about 20 mins further away, but these people were sooooo much nicer. She made the appointment for his consultation right then, answered all my financial questions, and even told me some things I didn't think to ask about. Much better!

We have a consultation next Thursday at 10:30am and then we'll schedule the procedure then. The doctor only does them on Thursdays, so it'll probably be the next week. That means Tim will have four days of recovery before he has to go back to work. YAY!!!

Okay,now I'm happy again. :-)