Saturday, May 16, 2009

Good Saturday morning.

Morning all. It's Saturday! Time to relax, be happy, and enjoy your family and friends. :-)

The girls ended up staying last night with the in-laws, so Tim and I had a peaceful evening. We grilled out chicken breast and corn on the cob. We had a few drinks (I was quite tipsy) and just enjoyed the evening together.

We went to bed to the sounds of a thunderstorm outside. It was lightening and rattling the house around us. However, the burning candles and soft bed helped distract us from the world around us as our attentions were focused on each other. It was nice (as always).

This morning we drug ourselves out of bed at 8am. You never know when the kids will be ready to come home, and they usually come home especially early when they stay with the in-laws (that's a whole other issue). However, we got about two hours of quiet before they arrived. Tim got steaks into marinade for us to grill tonight, I cleared out my emails, we watched a little television, and had some nice time to talk uninterrupted before the children burst through the front door and chaos ensued. ;-)

It's noon here now. The laundry is washing, the kids are cleaning their rooms, I've given the youngest a bath (the girls stink when they come home from the in-laws' house--they smoke), and I've been getting some online work done. Tim is playing the Xbox.

This afternoon sometime, the kids are suppose to go to my mom's for the night (yes, we're getting TWO nights alone. WOW!!!). Tim has plans to grill steaks out for the two of us for dinner, but he also wants to run by Old Navy sometime to see what new men's shorts they have out this year. LOL! He loves those loose, comfy, swim/beach shorts. He wears them around the house all the time.

Who knows what will happen? We usually just go with the flow on the weekends. We'll see. Either way, I plan on relaxing and enjoying my time with the man I love (like always).

At some point I need to take off my old nail polish from toes and fingers and pick a new color for the next week. Maybe I'll go with a purple this time. Hmm...

Okay, before I head off, I had two new articles published yesterday. Stop by and check them out if you get the chance. Also, I'm still trying to hit the 1 million pageviews mark on AC, so feel free to check out as many of my other articles as you'd like. ;-)

SAHM: Where to Advertise Your New Playgroup

SAHM: Scheduling Your Day

All right, that's it. I hope you're having a fantabulous day! If you're one of my Facebook friends, don't mention my drunken Facebooking last night. LMAO! ;-)


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