Thursday, May 14, 2009

Thursdays are for burgers!

Good afternoon to all of you lovely readers! How has your day been? I hope that it was a good one and that you will soon be able to enjoy the evening in peace.

Thursdays are the beginning of my weekend these days. Tim is home on Thursdays and when we're together it's all about... well, US! LOL. Therefore, I never get much work done and it starts the weekend. :-)

We went out this morning because I needed a new ink cartridge for my printer. We also picked up a few things for dinner this evening, and then back home we came. I had to print out some paperwork for the refinance we are working on with the mortgage company, and then I mailed them off this afternoon.

We hung out for a few hours here at home, had some lunch, had some of each other, and then it was time to head to school for pick-up time. It was quite the productive morning. ;-)

Right now we're at home for the rest of the day. Tim is going to grill burgers and hotdogs out for dinner tonight (YUM!), and I'll mix us some alcoholic drinks to go along with it. Then at 8pm we will enjoy the season finale of Bones. Woohoo!

For those who have asked me about our progress after Tim's vasectomy. Well, remember how I said my research shows 12-24 "times" to clear out the "boys"? After this weekend, we'll be past 12 times. ;-) And yes, tomorrow marks 2 weeks since the procedure. LOL!

He's healing perfectly (apparently, right?) and hasn't had any major issues at all. There was some swelling after he went back to work, but that was to be expected. We had the doctor take a look at it and he said it was just from Tim overworking (could have been the sex the day after too, LOL), and for him to just take it easy last weekend. That didn't happen.

Anyway, all is well, everything works, and I give it another 2-3wks before we hit #24. ;-) Of course we still won't know for sure until the analysis on July 24th. But by that time he'll be wayyyyyyyyyy past 24 times. LOL!

Okay, I'm off to mix some drinks and get Tim to fire up the grill. It's 4pm now, so we'll be eating by 5pm and kids will start heading to bed at 7pm. Woohoo!


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