Monday, May 18, 2009

Key West in 2011

Good afternoon all! How has your Monday been? Mine has gone fairly well. I wasn't feeling up to posting my blog entry this morning though. I was more inclined to watch the season finale of LOST from last week that was still sitting on my DVR. LOL It was a great finale though.

The sun has been shining brilliantly all day. It's a bit cooler than usual right now (only 67 at the moment), and it's kind of windy, but the day is truly splendid. I wish all Mondays could be this lovely.

So, Tim and I have set the date for our vow renewal ceremony. We will renew our declaration of love and commitment on April 8, 2011. I wanted to do it on our anniversary (April 9th), but with the amount of driving we will be doing going to and from Key West, we would be too rushed if we have the ceremony on the 9th.

Sooooo, on Friday, April 8, 2011 Tim and I will have the fancy beach wedding that we didn't have the first time. We will be barefoot on the sand with a backdrop of the sun setting on the ocean. Should be lovely!

Oh, in case I haven't mentioned it on here, we've chosen that anniversary because it'll be our 17th. Since we got married at the age of 17, that anniversary will mark us being married to each other for half our lives. Seems appropriate to do a vow renewal at that time. :-)

Now, I have less than 23 months to get it planned, coordinated, paid for, and find a house for us to rent for that entire week. This will also serve as our vacation for that year, so we want to be down there for the week. We've never been to Key West, so if anyone has lodging recommendations feel free to let me know. ;-)

Nevertheless, I'm looking forward to all of this. I've already contacted a wedding coordinator down there who has shown me a gorgeous beach location that would suit the ceremony perfectly. The pictures probably don't even do it justice.

As the months go by, and ideas turn into plans, I'll share links and pictures. I'm not going to bother doing it now because, well, I'm a woman and we change our minds all the time. LOL! I have an "idea" of the dress that I want, and have even picked out a few online that I'd like to try on, but that doesn't mean one of those will be the winning choice. LOL. You just never know.

Okay, enough rambling for today. I'm off to take a shower since my day is coming to an end now that the kids are home from school. I'll have to cook dinner in 2 hours and then Tim will be coming home. Anyone with Key West suggestions, feel free to let me know all about them. To my local friends: If you think you'd like to join us for the celebration, feel free to let me know. :-)

Have a great afternoon/evening!