Sunday, June 7, 2009

Another beautiful day.

Good afternoon. How has your Sunday been? Mine has been pretty great and fairly productive.

Usually we go to the in-laws' house for lunch on Sundays. However, we were suppose to go to a family reunion for Tim's side of the family. He didn't want to go, sooooo, we didn't go. LOL. I'm sure his mother is pretty unhappy with us today, but I don't care since it's not my deal. It's up to Tim when it comes to his side of the family. He said no, and that's that.

I took the free morning to work with the youngest on cleaning and organizing her bedroom. It was a mess, but looks really good now. Yay!

After lunch we sent the kids out to the pool for some fun. Tim wanted to watch the Nascar race in peace and I wanted to finish a chapter in Time For Death. I'm in the editing and rewriting phase and I always, always end up writing new chapters during the process. I have one more new chapter to write and then it's back to the editing.

Anyway, I got one chapter written today and will do the other one tomorrow, the girls have been in the pool for two hours, and Tim is still watching the race at the moment.

I'm about to go out to enjoy the sunshine and listen to the kids beg me to get into the pool. I'm not, since the water is still too cool for my liking after the cool days/nights we had last week. Nope, it ain't happenin'! LOL.

For those who like my dinner choices, tonight we're grilling half a salmon. YUM! Grilled salmon, red potatoes, and green beans. Love it!

I can't believe it's Sunday already. The weekend is over. Tomorrow starts a brand new week full of chores, kids, work, and all the other stuff that I always have to do. I always have a running "to-do" list in my notebook from week to week. I add to it continuously and just mark stuff off as I go. It never ends. LOL.

One thing that I'll be doing on Wednesday is taking the kids to Hobby Lobby in search of Father's Day supplies. I was at a loss for ideas on Father's Day this year. That is, until I was joking with Tim about him needing a special apron for all the grilling he's been doing lately. At first I thought about using and ordering a photo apron. However, I didn't really like that you can't change what the apron says.

Sooooo, I decided to just make him an apon from the kids and me. We're going to get a blank one, get some iron-on lettering, and some paints when we go to Hobby Lobby. It's going to say, "Our Favorite Griller" and then I'm going to do all four of our handprints, from mine down to the four year old's. Then I'm going to have the girls make cards for him. I've already written something special and private that I'll put in the apron pocket for him to find the first time he wears it. Oh, and we'll make him breakfast that morning like we always do.

Should be a very nice Father's Day for the man of my life. :-) Thank goodness he doesn't read my blog! LOL! And I swear, if any of you family/close friends out there tell him, I'm disowning you forever! Or at least until you make it up to me. ;-)

Okay, that's it for today. I'm heading outside for a while. I'm not a Nascar fan and the cars going around, around, around is boring me.

Have a great Sunday, and week to come. :-)


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