Saturday, June 13, 2009

Lazy Saturday

Good afternoon all! Have you been enjoying yet another Saturday? We're having a lazy one around here.

Thursday we did our grocery shopping. Yesterday we did some running around and some clothes shopping. Then the girls went to my mom's house last night while Tim and I stayed home, grilled out BBQ ribs, took a clothing optional swim, and had a great time all around.

The girls came home this morning. After lunch we all hopped in the pool and spent the next three hours out there. It was a lot of fun.

Now we're all inside, the clouds are rolling in, and we're hoping that there's no rain planning to ruin our dinner tonight. It's cheddar brawts and hotdogs (the girls don't like the brawts) night. Yum!

Tomorrow, we'll visit with Tim's parents, have lunch with them, and then head back home for him to enjoy the Nascar race. I'll kick the kids to the pool and get some writing done while he's watching the race. :-) It should be a nice day.

I'll be working on several articles in the coming week, so be on the look for them and maybe we can add some more pageviews toward my road to 1 million. Woohoo! One million here we come!!

Lastly for today, I managed to snag my username on Facebook this morning. Now you can easily find me at if you're on Facebook. :-)

Have a great evening!