Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Tuesday on the town.

I was going to go to town tomorrow, but decided last night that I'd go today instead. The girls and I were up and out the door by 9:30 this morning and finally made it back at lunchtime.

We went to Hobby Lobby and bought all the goodies for Tim's Father's Day gift, and I was going to get some ribbon in the blue color that I want for our vow renewal. However, I couldn't find anything that matched just right. That is, until I was roaming down the cards and gift bags aisle and discovered my color in a packet of gift tissue paper for only 99 cents. YAY!

So now I have something to carry around and match my colors up. Woohoo!

Oh, and my wonderful, bestest, most generous, loving friend, Mis, has agreed to create my invitations for me. For those that don't know, she's the designer of my covers for all three Alex & Fiona books. She's such a true talent! Love ya, girlie!!!

Stop by and check out her image licensing company, MisTaken Art.

After Hobby Lobby, the girls and I were going to go to the mall to look for a new swimsuit for myself. However, I decided to hit K-mart first and then the mall. Turns out that K-mart had just the suit I was looking for AND it was on sale! Yay! I got a $45 suit for only $25. Woohoo!

After that there was no need to go to the mall. The girls and I stopped by the local Sonic to pick up some lunch and then back home. We ate lunch while watching some old episodes of Xena on Netfix instant play through the Xbox. LOL. The oldest is really into Xena and Hercules right now. :-)

I about 20mins we are heading out to the pool. I'm still in need of more sun tanning before it's beach time next month. ;-)

Now I'm off to hide the supplies for Tim's apron until next week.

Have a great day!