Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Wanna Know Wednesday #18

Good morning. It's the middle of the week, finally. Welcome to Hump Day! After today, my weekend begins. :-)

My day started early. The alarm clock went off for Tim to getup, like it always does. I was kind of half in and half out of sleep when he came in to kiss me good-bye. Then he came in again to let me know that his car had a flat tire and he was taking the van to work. After that I couldn't get back into a good sleep. Finally at 8am I gave up and crawled out of bed.

So far in the last hour I've had breakfast, watched the first episode of the new season of Weeds on Netflix, started the dishwasher, and cleared out my tons of emails. Of course I've also been texting with Tim. LOL.

Sooooo, I'll be home all day today. Thankfully the girls did our shopping yesterday. I'm just glad Tim had the option of taking the van now that school is out. Otherwise it would've been a mess since he works an hour away.

Speaking of my loving husband, a friend mentioned that I haven't posted an update on his vasectomy lately. Last Monday marked one month since the procedure. He's perfectly back to normal. No problems, all healed, all in working order, and those 24 "times" we needed to get out of the way by July 24th are all done. LOL! Now we just wait until the twelve weeks are up to have the analysis done to make sure there are no more "boys" swimming around. LOL.

So there, he's all good. I'll post when it's analysis time. We're both looking forward to the All Clear.

Okay, it's that time of the week again. Wanna Know Wednesday! I can't believe that it's been 4 1/2 months of these already. Since I've been talking about the vow renewal, today's topic is:

10 Things That I've Already Decided About the Vow Renewal Ceremony
  1. The location. Yay Tybee Island!!!
  2. Our color.
  3. What kind of dress I want.
  4. The girls' dresses.
  5. The flowers
  6. The fact that we're getting new rings.
  7. The wedding planner I'm using.
  8. The reception dinner menu. Yay seafood!!! Yum!
  9. The guest list is half done.
  10. Shoes. Or better yet, non-shoes. We'll be barefoot in the sand. :-)

It's been fun making all these decisions and having the time to do it up right. I've decided on a few other things, and still looking at options for many things. This is the ceremony that we wished we'd been able to have the first time. We always thought we'd have a renewal at our 10yr mark, but this is even better.

Well, it's that time of the day. I need to get going and start the laundry and set out the meat to thaw for dinner. Tim is grilling BBQ pork chops tonight.

Have a great day!