Sunday, July 12, 2009

Saturday & Sunday, with a little Friday thrown in for spice!

Morning all! How has your weekend been? We've had fun this weekend. Even with it being shortened by Tim having to work on Thursday, it has been a great weekend.

Friday night Tim and I had a night out all by ourselves. The kids were with Mom and we had plans. We bought Sara's birthday gift first off, as soon as the kids left. I got her a wooden jewelry box that comes with a painting kit and gemstones for her to decorate it anyway she wants. She'll love it as she's starting to get into jewelry a little more now.

Then we went off to Rome and visited the "adult" shop that we like. We went to look for a new outfit, but they didn't have anything new since the last time we were there. I did end up buying one little novelty choker that's pink leather. It's cute, and definitely only for the bedroom since it says "SLUT" on it. LMAO!!!

Afterwards we came back to town and ate dinner at Red Lobster. We had two meals and two alcoholic drinks, and spent $50! Eek! Sheesh! But it was really good and we hadn't been there in a long while.

After dinner we hit the liquor store for Coronas, Mike-aritas, and Coconut Rum. Yum! Lastly, we stopped by the bakery and picked up a "Congratulations" cake for my sister's party on Saturday.

Saturday morning we slept until almost 9am. No kids = Sleeping late. LOL.

We spent the day at home. I washed laundry, picked vegetables, we all cleaned the pool, and just bumbled around the house until it was time for the party.

We took the kids to Tim's parents and headed to the party. It was a lot of fun. My sister only had the two of us, our mom, and our grandmother as her guests. The rest of the many, many guests were from her guy's family. LOL. And boy there were a LOT of them. The room we'd booked was full!

Lots of laughs, alcohol, good food, and just all around fun was had by all. :-)

We came home, put the youngest to bed, and Tim watched the Nascar race. It was relaxing and peaceful.

Today we have to go for our weekly Sunday lunch with his parents. When we get back home, my sister is coming over so I can finish the top I'm sewing for her wedding day (I'll take a pic to share). Dinner tonight will be steaks on the grill since we didn't cook them Thursday or Friday. LOL.

I hate that tomorrow is Monday. I'd like to have a few more days to the weekend. It has been such a nice one. Oh well, we can't stop time. I'll just have to look forward to next weekend. I have work to do this week anyway. :-)

Have a great day!