Monday, September 14, 2009

This is going to be a great week!

Yep, that's right.  I already know that this will be one fabulous week.  I don't care what happens, I'll make sure that it's a great one and not let anything get me down, frustrated, pissed off, or downright angry.

Stalkers, negativity, people with no sense of right or wrong... you aren't getting to me this week.  I'm just letting you know right now that you'll not get a rise out of Christie this week.  Here's a week's worth of fuck off for you and that's all you're gonna get.  I don't plan on wasting any of my precious time, energy, or happiness on you, so move on.  There's nothing for you to see here.

Now!  For those of you that I do enjoy...

This is going to be one great week.  I have big plans of good times, high amounts of productivity, making decent money doing what I love doing, and, And, AND I plan to finish my edits for Time For Death!  My book projects have taken a backseat to summer vacation and all the family activities we enjoyed over the last several months.  Now it's finally time for me to refocus my energy back to the work I love. 

I've missed my writing routine.  It was such a great routine too:

6am: Wake up.
6-6:30am: Check/respond to emails, plan the day's blog entry, check social sites, etc.
7am: Take kids to school.
7:30am: Have breakfast with the youngest
8am: Write/edit until 11am.
11am: Make lunch with the youngest.
12pm: Check emails, post blog entry if haven't already, chat with friends, etc.
1pm: Head to pickup time at school.

It was such a great schedule.  I'd even throw in a nice, sweaty workout between breakfast & work.  I'd do laundry throughout the day and clean when I took writing breaks.  And now with the extended school days, I even get an extra hour before heading to pickup time!

Gosh I'm so excited about getting back to it.

Last week was officially the first week of school, but for me this week is it.  It's a full week, and I took last week just to enjoy the quiet time.  Now it's work time!  I have big plans of one article per day and lots of editing and rewriting of Time For Death.

Now if I can just convince Tim that my schedule isimportant and exactly what I require in order to get my work done and bring in the money he likes to spend so much.  LOL.

Okay, I'm off to do my thang!  I did all the laundry last night, so today is all about writing, writing, writing.  I'm soooo excited!
Love to all,