Tuesday, September 29, 2009

What a wonderful day it'll be!

Good morning everyone.  How wa your Monday?  Hopefully not too much like a Monday!

I had a great Monday yesterday.  Tim and  had a couple of errands to run yesterday, and then I'd planned to come home and get some writing done.  Welllllll... that didn't exactly happen.

I did manage to get two new boxes of contact lenses (yay for my eyes!), and I made a bank deposit (wish people would pay me through PayPal more often), and we stopped by Wal-mart for a few things, but when we came home things didn't lead toward working. 

Kaitlyn wanted Mommy time, Tim wanted wifey time, and then when the mail came I discovered more work payments in the box.  LOL.  After a quick bout of wifey time (yes, that kind of wifey time, lol), we decided to go back to the bank for more deposits and pick up a Halloween costume for lil ole me that we'd been eye-ing for a few days.

The costume... well, let's just say that I didn't know Dorthy was such a slut!  Makes you wonder what sorts of favors she did for the Wizard to get him to take her back home to Kansas!  LMAO!!!  No, this costume will not be for outside the bedroom.  It's strictly for playing trick-or-treat with the hubby.  ;-)

It was quite the pleasant day!

However, since we played around all day yesterday, I have a lot of work today in order to make up for it.  I've already warned Tim, so now we just see if he'll listen.
I'm feeling much better today.  Each day is progressively better.  Oh, and today I'll be going red again!  Sometime when I take a writing break, I'll be coating my hair in smelly red coloring in order to achieve the hair color I like the most.  Yay!

Well I better get going.  The kids are arguing over who gets to wear a particular shirt (even though I've already assigned days for the shared article of clothing).  Have a great Tuesday!