Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Wanna Know Wednesday #34

Good morning everyone.  Happy Hump Day!  This entry is just a bit later than usual because I woke up feeling blah and grumpy.  That's what happens when you stay up 'til midnight playing around and have to wake up at 5:50am.  Ugh.  It's my own fault... well, mine and Tim's... oh, and that Dorthy costume, too!  ;-)

Today isn't going to be as busy as the previous two.  Yesterday I ended up writing four articles.  The rush was on!  So far three of them have completed the process and are published.  The fourth one will be processed sometime today.  Then that means another great pay day on Friday.  I love pay day!

Today I'm going to force Tim outside and have him weed eat the property.  We live in the woods and that means there's more to weed eat than to mow.  Of course, our patch of lawn needs mowing too.  Maybe he'll do that too.

I will be working on Time For Death today.  All my article writing is done, so now it's book time again.  Sure would've been nice if I hadn't been sick over the weekend.  I'd already be past this part.  Sheesh!
Now it's time for this week's Wanna Know Wednesday.  This week's topic is.....

10 Things Tim & I Have Discussed Lately
  1. Potential plans for going away this weekend.  Doubt that'll happen, but we did talk about for Friday.
  2. Tim's dislike about a man on FB telling me that I'm his soul mate. Yep, sure did.  It's nice to know that my man can still get jealous after 16 yrs together though.
  3. Mom having the kids Friday night & the potential for us to go away.
  4. Tim complaining that we won't get to go to the Nascar race in October that we've gone to for the past 2 yrs.  Poor guy.
  5. How quiet the house is when all the kids are in bed.  LOL!
  6. That my hair is VERY red now.  I colored it yesterday & I'm a red-head again.  Woohoo!
  7. The dinner menu for the week.
  8. Lots of gushy "I love you"s... they're the norm for us on a daily basis.
  9. How much I'm working now that the kids are back in school.  Yay!
  10. About the stupid lamp keeps dropping it's shade for no good reason.  Quite annoying.

Well, that's if from me this morning.  We're walking out the door for school now.  Sure wish the sun would come up soon.  I'm in need of some light therapy!  :-)

Have a good day!