Saturday, October 10, 2009

Book edits & laundry.

Good afternoon everyone.  I hope your Saturday looks better than ours.  It's rainy and dreary here in north Georgia.  I'm always hoping for sunshine, but sometimes you just gotta deal with what arrives.

With all the rain, I've been spending the day working on Time for Death and doing numerous loads of laundry.  I remember the days when I could do laundry once or twice a week instead of every day...

Well, anyway.  This morning we went through all the girls' clothes and did the seasonal switching from summer to fall and winter.  Tank tops were put away and long sleeves were pulled out.  Thin nightgowns were replaced with fleece footie pajamas.  They're ready for anything now.  LOL.

I discovered yesterday that I actually have three levels of book editing in my process.  First is a paper copy and a red ink pen.  Second is the process of taking those red ink changes and adding them to the book's computer file; making more changes as I go.  Third is another paper copy (usually on the back of the first copy just to save paper) and just reading it from beginning to end.

The first edit takes the longest.  There are numerous rewrites, changes, and fixes required.  The second takes less time, but still takes a couple of days.  The third is the fastest as there are less things I want to change by the time I get to this point.

Right now I'm in the second stage.  I sit here with the stack of manuscript pages to the left of my laptop, each page gets moved to the right side when I make the necessary changes, and when the left stack disappears I'm all done.  Right now the left stack is still bigger than the right.  Phooey!  But I'll get there.  :-)

Oh yeah, yesterday my 4th test reader let me know that she'd love to read Time for Death.  Woohoo! I was aiming to have 4-5 readers and now I have a guaranteed 4.  Yay!  I'll be sending out pdf copies within the next week.  I'm hoping to have them to the readers before we go out of town next Saturday.

Speaking of next Saturday, I hope the weather is better than this weekend.  I'll not be sitting at a race track in the rain.  Nope, not I.  I've already warned Tim about that too.  He better find me a rain coat or umbrella.  LOL!  Either that or I'll be heading back to the hotel room.  LOL.
Well, I better get going.  I have more edits to input and the dryer just stopped.  Time to change out the laundry loads.  :-)  Have a nice rest of your Saturday!

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