Tuesday, December 22, 2009

I'm exhausted!

Oh goodness, it has been a busy few days.  Yesterday we spent the entire day cleaning the girls' rooms. Our older two girls share a room.  Well, we were planning to empty it out completely, clean the carpet, walls and baseboard before putting it all back.

It turned out that we weren't fated to have a day that easy.

The oldest has been begging for months to trade rooms with our youngest, therefore having her own room and the younger two would be sharing.  I finally gave in and that process was thrown in with the plans to just clean one room.  LOL!

We started before 10am and finally declared the day over a little after 6pm.  At the end of the day we'd clean two empty rooms from top to bottom, moved three girls' stuff back into their rooms, and two of them traded places.

It was exhausting!

At the end of the night the girls even exchanged the gifts they'd bought for each other.  They just couldn't wait any longer.  LOL!

Today, well, today I don't know about.  I'm still tired and would like to just have a quiet, easy day...  I know that won't happen though.  None of them can tolerate a day of nothing, especially Tim.  Something will happen, I don't know what, but something will.

Before I go, a little reminder that my December-Twitter giveaway will be ending soon.  If you haven't already entered, stop by and tell me what's on your holiday wishlist.  Use hashtag #wishlistforChristie and you'll be in the running for an autographed Alex & Fiona book.  :-)

Happy Tuesday!  I hope you have all of your holiday shopping done, or that you at least survive the hectic last minute shopping.  LOL!