Monday, December 14, 2009

It's the last week...

That is, it's the last week before the craziness of Christmas sets in.  People will be running around like headless chickens, searching for just the right last minute gift, and forgoing all traditional mannerisms and etiquette.  This is suppose to be the happy time of year, but each Christmas I discover that people are just plain mean when it comes to shopping.

Luckily, I have all of mine done, and I have no reason to be out in that craziness.  I'll stay in my safe little world where I can enjoy the excitement of my children without worrying that someone will run over them trying to get to the last video game, doll or bicycle on the shelf.

I wasn't planning for it to be, but this weekend turned out to be a very busy one.  Saturday was a non-stop go, go, go.  Tim wanted to go to town, and then when we got back, I sat down long enough to check emails and then I rushed off to take the oldest to see New Moon at the theater.  She's been begging to go, so we made it part of her birthday gift.  She'll be thirteen on the 30th.

I was actually surprised at how much better this movie was over the first one.  I've read all the books, but I found the first movie disappointing and lacking.  New Moon, on the other hand, was fast-paced and very good.  They cut out a lot of small parts, but only one of those parts really needed to stay.

All in all, we had a good weekend.  Oh, and I accomplished getting the girls to sit still long enough to take their Christmas picture yesterday.  I think it turned out very well.

Now it's time for a new week!  The older girls only have this last week of school left and they they're out for Christmas break.  I'll have them home for two weeks.  Eek!  LOL.  I don't plan on getting much, if any, work done while they're here.  However, I do plan on having a good time with my babies as they anticipate the arrival of Santa and beg to open presents early.  :-)

Lastly, don't forget about my first Online Christmas Party this Thursday.  I'll post all the details in tomorrow's entry, along with the link to the chatroom.  I hope everyone will be able to stop in and chat.  It'll be fun!

That's it for this morning.  Have a wonderful Monday and a fantastic week before Christmas!