Monday, January 25, 2010

The last week of January.

Good morning everyone.  Welcome to another Monday morning.  This one leads us out of January and into a new month.  How has the month been for you?  Have you stuck to your New Year's Resolutions, or have they fallen by the wayside with the rush of everyday life?

I don't make resolutions, but I do make yearly goals.  I seem to be right on track for my yearly goals, so I call the month a success.  Of course, that's "business" goals I'm talking about.  I don't consider Tim being in the hospital any kind of success.  However, it has brought him over to my healthy eating side.  Bwahaha!  Welcome to the dark side, my dear!  LOL!  I still can't get him to even consider tasting my veggie sausage though.  All in time, honey.  All in time...  *wink*

Since I'm talking about business goals, I've been asked by many if I've heard from the New York editor who has Time For Death in her hands.  I have not, but she did say that it would get read in January, and there's still a week left in January.  LOL.  There's no telling when I'll hear back, but I will be moving forward with my plans in a couple of weeks whether I hear back from her, or not.  I'm sure I'll hear back before that day comes though.  Fingers crossed for good things.  Think happy thoughts for your lovely friend, Christie!  ;-)

This week is a week of no appointments at all.  I'm relieved after all the appointments we've had this month already.  Next week, on February 1st, the kids have their dental cleaning, and then that's it!  No more check-ups for anything until the next orthodontist appointment. 

Oh, did I mention that the girls had their yearly pediatrician check-up last week?  All the kids are perfectly healthy, with no problems whatsoever.  Yay!  The youngest ended up getting 3 shots in the legs and a skin test on her arm.  Unfortunately, they were out of the MMR vaccine and since it has to be given with the chicken pox vaccine or a month after, I have to take her back next month to get it.  We had to hold her down for the 3 she got last week, and I'm sure we'll have to do that again for the next one too. 

All in all, everyone is happy, healthy and immunized against the bad stuff out there.  :-)

All right, that's it for today.  I'm going to attempt to get some work done.  Easier said than done with Tim constantly wanting my attention.  He's worse that the kids these days with wanting my undivided attention.  The man definitely needs a new job soon.  Boy, I hope this economy picks up soon.  LOL.

Have a great Monday!

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