Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Will winter ever go away?

Good morning.  It's poor, pitiful Tuesday again.  I've decided that spring will never arrive and I'm suck in a wintery hell forever.  I'm ready for spring!  At least the sun is shining brightly today, and that always helps my winter hatred... until I go outside and the temperatures don't match the amount of sunshine.

Usually around this time we're planning a small trip.  We always go somewhere in February, usually to Gatlinbug, TN.  We're getting cabin fever!  Tim's on the prowl for a good enough deal to convince me that we can afford to go.  LOL.  Thank goodness it's nearly tax time and we'll have some extra cash arriving in a couple of weeks.  If I can just hold him off until then...

I love when we go away.  I don't care if it's just the two of us, or all five of us, I always enjoy being away from home.  We have certain places that we return to time and time again, every year, and Gatlinburg is one of those places.  We even spent our honeymoon up there.  However, this is going to be a tight year with disposable income, since there is NO disposable income.  LOL.  I'm trying to convince the man that we need to start spending time closer to home, and thus, spending less money.  I don't think I'm succeeding in my attempts though.

Today I have to go by the library to re-check out a book that's due today.  I only need 1-2 more days to finish reading it (I only get to read during school pick-up time), but it's due today.  I also need to do a little more work on our taxes.  I'm still waiting on 3 forms to arrive before I can file our return & start the refund-arrival countdown.  Maybe one or two will arrive in today's mail.

Well, I better be off.  I have some housework to do before I leave the house.  One of these days I'll get to do some actual fiction writing.  Tim seems to "need" my attention more than the children do.  I mind giving it to him, but I'd also like to do some work to pay for the trip he keeps begging to go on.  *Rolls Eyes*

*Picture: Pigeon Forge, TN when we went last April*