Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Stranded. Eek!

It's Tuesday.  There's nothing special about today, other than it's a Tuesday... even that isn't anything to jump for joy about.  Poor Tuesday is so understated, and stranded on the wrong day of the week.  Monday starts the new week, Wednesday is halfway to the weekend, Thursday is the day before Friday, Friday is the end of a work week, and then you have the weekend!  So what about poor little Tuesday?

Well, I don't know about you, but I find Tuesday to be one long, boring day.  I was super busy yesterday, but today I've only managed to wash one load of laundry, clean out the cookies in the desktop computer, and run a virus scan.  Nothing of interest to myself, much less to anyone else.  LOL!

Luckily, things will improve once I get busy on my novel.  I wrote articles yesterday, so today it's time to finally get back to Liz and her current adventure.  I managed to come up with the setting for book 3 the other day.  Now I just need to get book 2 finished so that I can start on book 3.  Hopefully book 4 will come to me when I make it to book 3.

Even though Tuesdays aren't anything exciting, they do make good days to just think about what you need to work on.  Thinking Tuesdays!  Today I'm thinking about how to bring closure to Liz's current adventure.  Will things end well with her current bed-buddy?  Will the story end will "evil" being defeated completely?  Will Liz understand that these evils are helping her grow and understand her own powers?  Will I still have hair left when I'm done pulling at it during the process of this storyline?  Ack! 

Oh the home front, my youngest baby girl will be turning 5 on Friday.  I can't believe it's already time for that.  She's super excited.  Then two days later it'll be my birthday.  Maybe, just maybe, Tim will have my van fixed for my birthday.  I don't need anything else except my own vehicle back.  I'm tired of driving his car.  Blah!

Well, I just realized that I haven't eaten any breakfast today.  I tend to forget to eat, but the growling tummy always reminds me.  I'm off to have some toast.  Have a great Thinking Tuesday!  :-)