Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Excerpt Day: A Birth at Dawn

Good morning everyone!  Welcome to Excerpt Tuesday.  Today I'm sharing a section of my second Alex & Fiona book, A Birth at Dawn.  What happens when a vampire turns a werewolf, and then they fall in love?  Well, obviously a wedding!

Here you go!


"You've got to be kidding me!"

Diane was beyond surprised when I told her what had happened those weeks after I left her a phone message telling her good-bye. I had planned that message to be the last that Diane would hear from me, because my pack had intended upon killing me that night—Thanksgiving night to be exact. Luckily, I had attracted quite an interesting admirer and he saved my life that night. He just so happened to be a vampire who had to turn me in order to save me.

"God Diane, would you stop saying that and help me pick out a damn dress? I only have two weeks before the wedding and I can't find anything that looks right with this belly all pooching out like it is."

It was Saturday, April 13th and we were in the Got a Dress? Wedding Boutique—which was, unfortunately, the closest place to buy a great wedding dress in such a short amount of time—and I was digging through rack after rack of multi-colored, overly poufy, and ridiculously priced wedding dresses. This store was a typical wedding boutique, with typical, obnoxious, and annoying salesgirls hovering around constantly asking if they can help me. All I wanted to do was find a damn dress and get this over with, but they wanted to "show" me this dress or that dress—all so obviously NOT my taste.

Alex and I had planned a lovely spring wedding, and while every last detail had been completed weeks ago, my wedding dress choice was still circling my head like a vulture waiting for me to die of dehydration. I only had two weeks left before our wedding day and Diane had promised to help me find the perfect dress. Unfortunately, we had been in this damn store for six hours today, and that doesn't count the four hours I was in here by myself yesterday, and the numerous times Alex had stopped in without me. I keep telling him that I have to choose the dress, but he knows how I hate this kind of stuff.

"I just can't believe it! I know that you've been retelling this tale of yours for the last few weeks, but it's just so amazing that I can't believe it."

Diane had been flabbergasted ever since the first time I told her about Alex and me. Well, actually she hadn't even known about Alex, much less about an Alex and me. She had only heard a cryptic phone message saying that I was going to die, and that I would miss her. So when I showed up on her doorstep—alive and pregnant—she was beyond shocked.

"You can believe that I'm a werewolf and you can still be my best friend from childhood, and yet you can't believe that Alex is a vampire, he turned me, and now I'm pregnant with his child?" I laughed while shaking my head in disbelief and she snickered at my statement.

"Well damn Fiona, when you say it like that...,” she scoffed. “It’s just a little unbelievable. First off, I never imagined that vampires were REAL. Then, you go and fall in love with one and proceed to get knocked up with his love child. How the hell can he get you pregnant to begin with? He's DEAD! Right?"

"You know that I've already explained that to you... about twenty times!" I could never get pissed with Diane, but my hormonal nerves were fried at this point and I looked up at her from the rack of dresses and gave her my patented Go to Hell look.

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