Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Excerpt Tuesday: A Midnight Infatuation.

Happy Tuesday!  It's a wet one here today.  Yesterday was cold, but sunny with blue skies.  Later in the day it warmed up enough to just need a light jacket instead of a big, bulky coat.  However, rain moved in last night, making for a dreary, muddy day today.  No blue skies today.

This entry is a bit later in the day than I usually post.  Right when I was getting ready to work on it my stupid internet went out.  I swear is goes out anytime the wind blows.  I had a technician tell me once that there was nothing they could do about it due to the location of our house.  I suppose I'm stuck with it since it's the only high speed cable internet around here.  Phooey!

Since today is excerpt day, I'll go ahead and jump into that.  I've compiled a few sections from numerous places in the book, instead of one big long one.  I think these kind of give you a taste of both Alex and Fiona.  In A Midnight Infatuation, both Alex and Fiona are the narrators.  You get a chapter (or two) from Alex and then a chapter (or two) from Fiona. 

Here we go!

Alex's thoughts when he first discovers Fiona.

  I was drooling just standing there and I knew in that moment that I had to find out everything about this creature. I needed to know who she was, what kind of person she was and if she would love me. Love me?! Am I going insane? I'm a vampire, damn it, and I don't need anyone to love me! I am Alexander the Vampire! Love be damned! Then I heard her complaining under her breath, because she couldn't get her car door to unlock, and all of my resistance just melted away. I had to have her. She had to be mine!

Fiona's thoughts on male werewolves.

  Unfortunately, in the life of a werewolf you are expected to marry and mate at a young age. By the age of twenty-three, the females are expected to be married off and have at least one cub to show their devotion and loyalty to the pack. I was never one for being forced into a loveless marriage, so I never married. I couldn't find a male werewolf who suited my taste in a man. Hell, I couldn’t find ANY male–human or werewolf–that suited my taste in men.

  All male Weres were chauvinistic cavemen. They think that their women are their property and you are only there to cook, clean and birth babies for the benefit of the pack. Some males will even make money arrangements to trade spouses with other males in order to increase the chances of offspring. It's all very disgusting and backwards in this day and time of HDTV and internet phone service.

Alex battling werewolves.

  Fiona was curled into a ball in the corner of the bedroom and I was being attacked from all sides. I managed to rip the throat out of one man, break the neck of another and then I was knocked down and they were all on top of me at once. I heard a few of my ribs breaking and I felt my neck snap in three places. I was being kicked and punched from all directions. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw two other men pick up Fiona and carry her out of the room.

Their first kiss.

  The kiss started out slow, but quickly soared in voracity until we were to the boiling point. Hands were roaming, tongues were wagging, and everything felt perfect. Alex was still supporting every last bit of my body weight and I was thankful for it.

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