Tuesday, March 30, 2010

One happy momma!

Yesterday my oldest came home full of excitement.  She'd been invited to attend the Billy Lancaster Forestry Youth Camp.  Turns out that only two students from her entire school are invited each year, and she was one of them.  How can a proud mommy say no to that?  Ultimately, I filled out the paperwork and wrote the check.  LOL.
This will be her first summer camp away from home... four nights away!  But, she's a teenager now and she's very excited about it.

On the note of excitement, this is my 600th blog entry!  When I started this blog I never would've imagined I'd reach 600 entries.  Much less have enough to talk about to fill 600 entries.  LOL.  Sure, many of my posts are simply rambling family stuff (which has been pointed out to me recently that others do enjoy reading), but in reality I wanted people to see the real me.

There are so many authors out there who only write blog entries when they have book information to share.  While that's good and fine, I like to see more from my favorites.  I think a reader can feel more connected with an author when they can see that your day to day life is just as hectic as theirs. 

We aren't confined to a little room cranking out sentence after sentence (though some of us would like to be).  *Raises Hand*  Nope, we have families, spouses, children, pets, other obligations, errands, bills, trials and tribulations just like everyone else.  Heck, sometimes I find myself envying the writers who CAN lock themselves away for hours at a time to work, with no interruptions.  But I wouldn't trade the time with my kiddos for anything in the world.  Soon enough I'll be able to work how I want to, and then I'll probably miss being interrupted by little ones.  :-)

Okay, before this rambling entry ends I want to let everyone know that if you aren't a member of my Facebook Fan Page now is the time to join.  When the page reaches 500 members I'll be giving away 1 of my Alex & Fiona e-books (winner's choice).

Oh, and I uploaded more pictures of our puppies to my Facebook album yesterday.  They're now 2wks old and have eyes.  LOL.  Check out the Fudge's Puppies album for some lovable cuteness that'll make you go, "Awwwwwwww!"