Monday, April 19, 2010

Happy birthday, baby!

Welcome to a brand new week.  It's not so bad, especially when you have a birthday to celebrate right at the beginning!

Today is my honey's 34th birthday.  Yesterday we went out for lunch with his parents to celebrate with them.  Today we're planning a cook-out here at home.  He swore he didn't want a birthday cake, but I got the stuff to bake him one anyway.  We'll grill out and have cake this evening.

I--very slowly and Marilyn Monroe-like--sang him "Happy Birthday" this morning, but I'll be required to do the shouting/screaming/off-pitch singing with the kids this evening.  LOL.  It's all fun though.

This morning I've already dried & put away three loads of laundry, ran to the post office to drop off a package and buy stamps, and then over to the grocery store for hamburger buns (whole wheat since Tim's older now, LOL).  Since I went by my lonesome, I got a taste of how quickly errands will go when the youngest is in school and Tim is back to work.  That was quite odd!  What will I ever do with myself when the house is empty all day and I have to (get to) go to town all alone?

I can't wait to find out!  :)

Well, that's it today.  I'm off to do some writing while Tim's playing Xbox and then all attention is on him for the day.  Have a good one!

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